2020 archeology event of the forge of empires


The forge of empires brings us again the archeology event 2020! but this time with double prizes! the prizes are diverse and great for small and expert players! You will see why I say it.before starting… and the date? !!, it is not yet official but it will almost certainly start 7-10 days after the … Read more

quest list for the spring event in forge of empires

Here is the list of missions of the last event that brought us the forge of empiresHERE IS THE LIST OF MISSIONS, I HOPE YOU SERVE THEM. IMPORTANT: Remember that the amount of coins, supplies, FPs, donations, etc. They may vary according to age, but the mission objective is the same. INSTANT MISSIONS DAILY MISSIONS

Event St. Patrick’s Day Event

st patrick's day event - forge of empires

Forge of empires for experts! St Patrick’s Day Event FORGE OF EMPIRES A completely new event will arrive very soon! Lean on my experience and advice. The forge of empires brings us this event with a completely new theme! But be careful, if you don’t know how to play it well, it will consume you … Read more