FORGE OF EMPIRES for experts aims to share advanced tips and tricks, report the news and trends that are happening in this game. If you are a busy person but still want to play forge of empires then this is your place. I have developed a style of play that allows you to grow a lot and consumes very little time, which is why I currently have 6 accounts and it only consumes me 1 hour a day(production city). my best account produces 1600PFs a day from its buildings alone.

BUT if you have more free time and you have time to do many daily battles(warrior city) then I also have many tips to share because my friends are top 1 and 2 and they share secrets of how they earn millions of points daily easily.

I also have an account on the test server where I analyze all the news of the forge of empires, if you have any questions or need help with your account, do not hesitate to write to me and I will help you

This page is not the typical place that describes something, here you can see experiments and results of all the news that FORGE OF EMPIRES brings us. My goal is not to tell you how to play, my goal is that you take my experience and use it if you find it useful, hopefully it will help you.

forge of empires ADVANCED GUIDE

The forge of empires is a “city builder” style game. You have to understand the economy of this game and your city will prosper, I will also teach you the common mistakes of a novice and the style of play of expert players, I anticipate that there are many tricks behind this game.

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In the forge of empires there are 3 types of buildings; normal buildings, special buildings, and great buildings. Of these three the most important are great buildings because they can grow vertically making the same space more profitable. something impossible with other buildings, if you want a normal or special building to give you more prizes you will have to spend more space, this is not the case with large buildings.

Each large building deserves a special page, there are some that can give you up to 70,000 diamonds and others that only serve to make you lose 70,000 forge points, you must be very smart when choosing which large building to climb. In this section you will know everything about these large buildings and their tricks.

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Events are extremely important in the forge of empires. Each event has its peculiarities and tricks and the vast majority of players do not play them correctly.
Here you can watch me play, experiment with strategies, see my results and support you in my mistakes and successes.



It is a list of little tricks that I was compiling for two years and that led me to produce 1300 forge points with an EXCELLENT resource production, in this section I will also share experiments.

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Cada era tiene sus propios soldados, edificios y otras caracteristicas, aprenderas a identificar porque hay jugadores que se quedan estacionados un largo tiempo en algunas eras mientras que evitan estar en otras eras.

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Actualmente existen cientos de edificios especiales de los cuales solo 20 a 30 son realmente importantes, todos los demΓ‘s ESTAN OBSOLETOS o extremadamente dificiles de conseguir, aqui aprenderas acelerar el proceso para encontrar los mejores.

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