Botanical Rotunda

It is a special building something new, they are only obtained in two ways, in the antiques seller and / or daily prize in some event. It can be interesting for warrior players but it is often compared to Checkmate Square and the latter gives 20% more.
I don’t like this special building very much, although I recognize its usefulness. There are many players who have this building in their cities and it is certain that we will continue to see it for a long time.

Botanical Rotunda forge of empires

SIZE: 3X3.

Street: YES, 1×1.

Type: Cultural Buildings


important considerations

  1. happiness doubles if motivated.
  2. If you want to update the prizes of this special building to its current era you will need a ”RENOVATION KIT”.​
  3. If you only want to upgrade this special building in one era you will only need one ”One Up Kit”​.
  4. You can send this special building to your warehouse using the ” Store Building Kit ”​


Botanical Rotunda forge of empires

Yes, it is advisable to have it especially if you are a warrior player although you should know that there are better special buildings.

It is easy to have this special building, it is often for sale at the antique dealer, it does not have updates although it is very likely that level 2 will be enabled in the future.


It is possible that in the future we can get it at the halloween event 2020 and also at the antiques dealer.

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