Black Tower

this special building is 2 years old. It appeared as the main prize of the halloween event 2018. then it appeared as a secondary prize of the halloween event 2019, by then other more productive special buildings had already come out and the black tower began to become obsolete, many of us sold it, finally in halloween 2020 we will also have the opportunity to get it but it seems to me that it is no longer useful, it is too great for the prizes it gives.
We can also get it in the antique dealer but it is very expensive, sometimes it is in the auction section for 2000 coins, so if you could buy one and then sell it and win gems.

Black Tower forge of empires

SIZE: 4X5.

Street: YES, 1×1.

Type: Residential Buildings


important considerations


  1. If you want to update the prizes of this special building to its current era you will need a ”RENOVATION KIT”.​
  2. If you only want to upgrade this special building in one era you will only need one ”One Up Kit”​.
  3. You can send this special building to your warehouse using the ” Store Building Kit ”​


Black Tower forge of empires

It is not recommended to get it in the halloween event, you will waste the event, there are better prizes.

warn your friends not to make the mistake of buying this at halloween 2020 event.


It is possible that in the future we can get it at the halloween event 2020 and also at the antiques dealer.

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