Altar of Hera

This special building was the main prize of the foe 2019 soccer cup event. It consists of 5 levels and upon reaching the last level you can choose between Altar of Afrodite, Altar of Artemis, Altar of Athena, Altar of Demete.

This option is focused on goods. it is not recommended either. there are other more interesting options.

Altar of Hera forge of empires
Very bad

SIZE: 3X2.

Street: YES, 1×1.

Type: Residential Buildings


important considerations


  1. If you want to update the prizes of this special building to its current era you will need a ”RENOVATION KIT”.​
  2. If you only want to upgrade this special building in one era you will only need one ”One Up Kit”​.
  3. You can send this special building to your warehouse using the ” Store Building Kit ”​

Let’s not forget that you need five updates to get all your bonuses.


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