Abandoned Asylum

the abandoned asylum was the special prize of the halloween event 2019 so it is extremely difficult to get it. We only had one chance. BUT the Halloween 2020 event is approaching and it is very likely that we will have the opportunity to get more of this special building again.
Their bonuses are incredibly high, especially in increasing forge points and attack.

This special building is considered perfect for its incredible prizes.

Abandoned Asylum foe

SIZE: 5X5.

Street: YES, 1×1.

Type: Residential Buildings


important considerations

  1. Currently it is impossible to get it.​​
  2. If you want to update the prizes of this special building to its current era you will need a ”RENOVATION KIT”.​
  3. If you only want to upgrade this special building in one era you will only need one ”One Up Kit”​.
  4. You can send this special building to your warehouse using the ” Store Building Kit ”​

Abandoned AsylumHow RECOMMENDABLE IS IT?

This perfect, really perfect

As I explained at the beginning his only problem is that it is almost impossible to get one, it is almost a relic.

Let’s not forget that you need nine updates to get all your bonuses.


It is possible that in the future we can get it at the halloween event 2020 and also at the antiques dealer.

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