Forge of Empires PLUS

It seems that we will have new premium functions in the forge of empires, at the moment only these photos have been filtered but soon there will be more data. now if we see the images!

Images and Titles

It seems that this premium feature will be focused on improving goods production, time management, forge points.

package-monthly forge of empires

speculations and theories

The following opinions are SPECULATIONS, they are only assumptions without proof.

  • Faster regeneration of forge points.
  • Collection of resources automatically
  • Highlighted portraits
  • Increase in the production of coins and supplies.
  • Collect more than 100 forge points in the collection bar for this resource.

The big question is, should we pay with real money or with diamonds?

We don’t know yet but now we have more questions than answers. share it with your guild and give their opinion about this new function!
Personally, I think it is understandable that the forge of empires team tries ways to earn money, remember that it is a company that has many employees and expenses. Hopefully it is not an abuse for players who are not going to pay.


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