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This trick to get diamonds in the forge of empires is already giving me 25,000 diamonds and I calculate that I will be able to continue using it until I get 50,000 diamonds. But it is not that easy, it requires a lot of planning and you have to meet the requirements to be able to claim those precious diamonds. Before starting, do not forget to share the content with your guild and your friends so that we can all improve our cities, LET’S GET STARTED.

After claiming these 50,000 diamonds you can continue claiming more but in smaller amounts, you can also generate thousands of goods!

LThe trick is to NOT DO THE STORY MISSIONS (side, recurring, and story missions). Improve your city’s production of forge points until you can produce 400 or 500 forge points per day. Then start the Château Frontenac project until you have it at level 70 or 80. So you can take advantage of its bonus that five times the prizes of each mission. Once you have the frontenac at very high levels, start performing the missions of the history section, do all you can and you will find prizes of 25, 50,100 and 200 diamonds which will be multiplied by 5.

It is so profitable that I earn 5000 diamonds per day. But you must meet the requirements, if you try to build the Château Frontenac at level 80 when you are producing 100 forge points per day this project will take 6 months, it is not worth it, it is better to produce 500 forge points per day and then build the Château Frontenac, like this It will take you 1 month.

Soon I will give you tricks on how to level up large buildings quickly.

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This mission should be giving 200 diamonds but with the frontenac I increased it to this amount.

Now you know that you have a hidden diamond mine in your story missions, so let’s get into details on how to extract these diamonds, here are many tricks.

The first thing you should know is that there are 2 categories of missions: the finite missions and the infinite ones.


they are those that once carried out no longer return, here are the recurring missions and the history missions. Here are the most profitable missions, some give you up to 1200 diamonds.

Each era has a limited number of missions and when you complete them they never come back.


you can do them indefinitely because they are repeated, there are 7 types, then I will explain each one of them in detail. The infinite missions also give diamonds but between 100 to 150 diamonds, it depends on the level of your Château Frontenac.

Also with certain tricks you can perform many of these missions a day earning many forge points, goods and other things.


Performing some missions can take whole days, to avoid waiting so long I will share some tips to do many of these missions per day.

Remember that all players have the same amount of finite missions so make sure your Château Frontenac is as high as possible before claiming these prizes.


Each era has a limited amount of these types of missions, in my case I stopped the missions in the colonial era and did not carry them out until I was in the oceanic future era. That is why you will find difficulties that you will have to solve, some missions will ask you to build colonial barracks, colonial factories, colonial soldiers, etc. And if you don’t have the proper preparations, each mission could take days. I will share some tips so that you can perform many story and side missions a day so you will earn a lot of diamonds.

1. Having a workspace.- This is very important, in my case I chose to vacate a 7 × 12 space. Within that field, I put all the requirements that various missions asked of me, build armies, factories, decorations, get gold, etc.

2. The Tavern – Time improvements.- If your goal is to do many story and side missions, use the 75% time reduction. You no longer have to wait 12 hours or more, it helps a lot.

3. Economy of gold and supplies.- Many of these missions will ask us to produce supplies, gold coins, citizens. This can be easily achieved by building something and instantly selling the building but it will consume a lot of resources so it is advisable to have a good amount of gold and supplies.

4. AVOID MISSIONS.- Try to do as many missions as possible, many of the missions have a random prize, those missions especially have diamonds.
But if a mission allows you to see what the prize will be and they are not diamonds, you can choose to avoid it.

5. Forge points.- many missions will ask us to spend forge points so it is advisable to have many forge points in the warehouse before doing this “mission marathon”.

6. INFILTRATE.- Beware of “infiltration of provinces” missions. If you have swept the entire campaign map then it will be impossible for you to advance and you will get stuck.

There are many provinces that are not necessary to conquer, save them for the future, soon I will give you support here.

7. TIME.- remember that these missions are not lost if you do them today or in a month, the advice I gave you is if you want to do many missions at the same time because diamonds are urgent but be careful not to despair. You already know that here the one who can wait the longest will be rewarded.

recurring missions

Before seeing the missions it is important to know that we will always have 2 simultaneous missions to carry out as seen in the photo and you can accommodate them as you like. In addition, the number of requirements varies greatly depending on the era in which you are.


This mission asks us for a 24 hour production 6 times. your chances of getting diamonds personally seem to me to be higher. It is advisable to have 6,12 or 18 blacksmiths, you could do this mission 6 times a day.

gather gold coins

There is nothing to explain here, you just have to get gold in any way possible. Often the prizesother are gold coins so you will do this mission even without wanting to but your chances of giving you diamonds are very low

Gather Supplies

This mission is the same as the one to get gold but you have a better chance of getting diamonds.


This mission is ideal when we collect the production of the day, it is time to spend the forge points by blocks and carry out this mission.


Simple, if you have a lot of gold and you can afford to buy forge points this is interesting, if you are going to carry out this mission it is recommended that the other recurring mission be in “collect supplies or gold”, so you do two missions for one. they often give away millions of gold and supplies.


This seems to me the most difficult so I suppose it must be good to get diamonds, but because of its difficulty I have never done it and I always skip it. it is an enigma.


This is the favorite mission and one of the main reasons why the FRONTENAC is built. the theme seems easy but it keeps many tricks.

You must pay 500,000 gold coins and supplies (it varies according to your era) and they give you a prize, for being simple it can be repeated hundreds of times but you must see if your economy of gold and supplies can bear the expense. I did a test of more than 100 attempts. and I earned 2,000 goods from my era in 30 minutes. some 80 forge points but 0 diamonds. the cost was 50 million gold and supplies, I recovered the gold in one day but recovering those millions supplies will take me a more days.

The trick is that you can recover those millions of lost supplies by doing the other missions, then you do this mission again 100 times. This way you avoid the wear and tear of your gold and supplies.

The strongest players perform this mission many times.

infinite missions foe hack


Assuming you have FRONTENAC at level 90, the prizes could be:

  • 33 goods
  • 1 map
  • Approximately 8,500 medals
  • 130 diamonds
  • 5 packed forge points
    Gold coins (ranges from 400,000 to 1,600,000)
  • Supplies (Varies from 400,000 to 1,700,000)

Remember that these prizes are increased by 5% for each Château Frontenac level with the exception of maps and 5 forge points. You can perform hundreds of missions a day depending on your economy

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  1. When you have a “Happiness” mission simply build the the most happiness object over and over until the amount of happiness is achieved.
    i.e. in Oceanic build Lifeguard Tower many times (when you have filled up your squares just delete the Towers, the count you want remains, then build again).
    The most important tip is to have plenty of empty squares to do this.

    • Yes, and if you have a lot of gold and supplies you can choose to buy many decorations, these are built in 5 seconds.


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