The Galata Tower

After so many incentives for our attacking armies now it is the turn of our defenses. A very interesting option for small players but will it also be for veteran players? let’s see !


This large building has 4 similarities to the Delphic oracle: It has no era, is 3 × 3 in size, does not ask for goods, and is extremely easy to climb to high levels.

As it does not ask for goods, we only have to worry about getting the blueprints, these are obtained in two ways: by carrying out basic missions and contributing to this great building from other players.

surely all of us have already done the basic missions so we only have to contribute forge points to the Galata tower of other players.


  • GOOD PRODUCTION.- It gives you an amount of goods from your era up to the modern era, then it will give you twice as many unrefined goods (that is, from 3 previous eras).
  • PLUNDER REPEL – The first number of suffered plunder attempts have a chance of being repelled.

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Prizes in its 80 levels

The table of the 80 levels does not exist yet, for the moment I put their bonuses in the 20 levels

The Galata Tower foe


This building seems very interesting to me. I could almost say that I will build it to level 80. But I need to find out something. I explain it to you in an example:

Suppose I forget to collect my daily production then the player attacks me and luckily the REPELER of my GALATA tower is activated.
Will the thief be able to enter my city to see that my production of the day is neglected even though he will not be able to loot it? because if so, it is most likely that he will tell his guild and / or friends to come and loot me.
If LA TORRE DE GALATA, in addition to repelling, prevents your looters from entering to see your city then this large building will have everyone.
The table of 80 levels is also missing, currently no one has it, we will soon see the bonuses at their maximum levels, but trying to give an approximate calculation that at level 80 it could be between 5 to 6 attempts to repel with a probability of 40 to 45 %,

This large building is being highly criticized by players who like to steal, which are approximately between 5 to 10% of the players, the vast majority of us are peaceful.

2 thoughts on “The Galata Tower”

  1. Ha, of course thieves are going to complain about a means to defeat their idiot ways. It’s not enough that everyone hates them, that they don’t have anyone motivating or aiding them. It isn’t enough that all they can do is snipe because no one friends them. These people are stupid, and like the real ones in society the also mirror the percentage, showing that it’s a tiny minority who creates all the misery in the world. All of em should be identified, taken out in the street and have their miserable brains blown out on the spot. Failing that, guilds should form hunter destroyer groups and specifically target the individuals, and then form alliances to target whole guilds that provide cover and aid them, finally driving all guilds to kick thieves to the streets where they can try their hand at success. All people who steal are short sighted imbeciles. Naturally they think what they do is clever but the wasted time and energy for what they do, the emotional distress they inflict, it’s unforgivable in my opinion.


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