news in the guild expedition 2020

MANY CHANGES ARE COMING IN THE FORGE OF EMPIRES, from renewed or completely new events, new themes like a new PvP, and various updates.

Here we report the news in the guild expedition.

These rewards will be obtained exclusively by the expedition of guilds, they are very interesting and will help a lot especially for small players. So I will create a special page giving recommendations on how to beat all 4 levels.

now I begin to present you the new awards.

Level 2 Ritual Flame

Improve the defense of your DEFENDING ARMY from 8% to 12%.

For some players this can be interesting. With the upcoming arrival of the new ARENA PvP it will get very interesting.

Gate of the Sun God 2

Double your happiness and also give 4% defense to your ATTACK ARMY.

Face of the old

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Tribal Plaza Level 2

In addition to an increase in gold, it now gives 10 assets of the age of this building every 24 hours.

Holy Sky Clock Level 2

ahora dará 2 puntos forge and more gold.

Terrace Farm Level 2

The most interesting.

from producing 5PFs to 12PFs

As for goods, as we know before it produced 10 goods every 8 hours, now 20

Youth Fountain Reduction Kit

There is no improvement but if a reduction kit, from being a 3 × 3 building becomes 3 × 2. just like the posito of wishes.

Personally I prefer to sell my youth fountains since in my city I have 30 and it is enough.

Antique seller pays a good amount of gems for this fountain

Important: Remember that the sources and wells of the wishes are important for the production of diamonds.


These kits are EXCLUSIVE to the level 4 expedition, you have to defeat them either by negotiating or in battle to try to get these prizes.

these photos were 2 weeks ago.
the locations of these awards were IMPROVED and their locations changed, that’s great!

19 juny 2020

If you do not know how to advance the expedition level 4 attentive, soon I will upload another publication explaining this! remember that level 4 is also highly recommended because it gives away many diamonds!

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