summer event 2020 forge of empires

Summer Event 2020 Forge of Empires

The forge of empires brings us another event!, Summer 2020, is a seasonal event and is IDENTICAL to Summer 2019 but the main prize changes.

Before starting with the explanation I must say that I advance this post a lot for those who were thinking of spending their diamonds in the 2020 soccer cup event, only with the intention that they compare main and secondary prizes and see where it is better to invest their precious diamonds .

With this intention, I am bringing you this event that will only be available in the second week of July.

Now if you have to explain!

In this event we will have to spin the roulette wheel to claim prizes randomly, each attempt costs 1 double !.
We will compete with our neighbors to win the best roulette prizes!

  1. Doubloons.- are the currency of the event!, You can get them through incidents, carrying out missions, bonuses for advancement in the mission line and paying diamonds.
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  3. THE COMPASS.- for each time you spend a doubloon playing with roulette you will be awarded a compass!, Which you can activate and according to your luck you will advance on the map between 1 to 3 spaces, each time you finish the route you will claim the Grand Prize !, it is important to know that this is the only way to get the upgrade kit for the main prize of the event.
  4. THE ROULETTE.– Here you can spend your doubloons, the prizes are diverse but EACH ROULETTE HAS A MAIN PRIZE, this can be seen easily because it has a golden circle. If the golden circle turns gray it means that another player has already claimed the main prize of that roulette, so it would be advisable to change roulette. That I explain now.
  5. SPIN.- Here you have two options, the first is simple, if you see that the available prizes are of interest to you, then you click on ‘SPIN ‘and they will randomly give you a prize.

    BUT … if you do not like the prizes or the one you liked has already been claimed then you can RENEW that roulette (refresh & spin), other prizes will appear that may be of interest to you.

  6. Player history. – Here you can see what were the last movements of your neighbors, this roulette is shared with your neighbors! It is important to see this because if you like a roulette but there are many players spinning the roulette, it is very possible that they will win you, it is better to wait for a good roulette and to be alone to try several times to claim the prize you want.


It is very possible that the prizes will be improved, that’s what we were told so this post will be updated soon!

Main Prize

Main Prize: Villa.- The prize is very interesting!, Almost perfect but there are 2 points against it; its excessive size and DOES NOT PRODUCE FORGE POINTS.

the complaints were felt and the administrators said they would evaluate a possible improvement, they will surely add forge points. even so it is a very interesting special building.

governor's villa summer event foe


The crow’s nest is the second most important prize, it will be available only at roulette!
remember that this building produces gold coins and 8 fixed forge points and a second random prize that could be: 25 diamonds, 12 forge points, 50 goods or medals.
It has a size of 5×5


If you are a battle player, these prizes may interest you more than the crow’s nest!.

Here are all the traditional awards like; wishing wells, sanctuaries of knowledge, reduction kits, renovation kits, etc.

Also available is the advanced tower kit that increases your defense for your attacking army from 2 to 4%, it can be interesting.

IMPORTANT: remember that secondary prizes and others can only be achieved by roulette!

the exclusive avatars of this event


Here is the LIST OF MISSIONS of the summer event, LUCK MY FRIEND!



Tip 1: do not update the roulette, there are more than 20 types of special prizes, the possibility that you will find the specific prize you are looking for are very low and will spend many event coins, better hope that another player updates the roulette for you. never use the option refresh and spin.

Tip 2: the option to register prizes allows you to see the prize that you will receive as soon as you spin the roulette, you can see this when you turn the roulette and see this register where you can already see the prize that will be given to you in advance, even when the roulette continues . it doesn’t matter waiting for it to stop or stopping it, you should know this in case you compete with another player to make more attempts.spin the roulette wheel and see in the history quickly if you won or did not win the prize you were looking for.

tip 3: Don’t spin the roulette when you have few event coins, often your luck will be on the 4th or 10th try. but if you only play with 2 coins you will never be able to reach that attempt where your luck is activated. I always had 15 doubloons of backing or more before playing roulette. play to win, for that you need to have many doubloons. if you spin the roulette when you only have 2 or 3 doubloons your chances of winning will drop dramatically.

if you spin the roulette when you only have 2 or 3 doubloons your chances of winning will drop dramatically

tip 4: focus all your efforts on 1 or 2 prizes, I decided on the crow’s nest, but there is also the pirate ship and other interesting options, whatever the special prize you decide to get in this event must be 1 or 2 maximum. Thus he will claim many prizes of that type.


the new great building is yet to come.
quite possibly one of your bonus is an “anti-looting”.


The administrators named it “all ages”. that same characteristic has the temple of the relics and the oracle.
possibly it is 3×3 in size.

The name is GALATA
From the second image we can intuit that the bonus is a way to avoid attacks.

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