Space age asteroid belt forge of empires

Space Age Asteroid Belt

We are going to the universe, I already have to Mars!, Now follow the asteroid belt because it has many resources!

This new era may seem more of the same but there are new challenges and new trends that are beginning to show, we begin!

As usual, a new era brings a package of novelties, among the main ones we have:

– A new large building (the second EG will be out soon, still a mystery)

– Various normal buildings.

– Special goods synthesizer.

– Research tree (25 technologies)

– 9 new avatars.

– 15 recurring and 45 secondary missions and 50 missions from the main story line.
– 7 new expansions: 3 for diamonds, 1 for campaign, 2 for research tree, 1 for victories (medals.)




To be honest … if you are good at managing your city from the future age, you should eliminate all normal buildings such as those for the production of supplies, houses, goods, culture, etc. so chances are that we will never use any of these buildings (only the town hall)



A recommended building and highly valued among strong players, the vast majority are building it. It has an IDENTICAL bonus to HIMEJI, so it is highly recommended, although difficult to upload, I will create a special page for this large building.


We will use the same Space Port to travel to our colony in the asteroid belt where the priority will be to get the highly prized special good of this age: ASTEROID ICE, unfortunately there is no photo available to upload. but if there are photos of the map.


As you can see in the image below, as you explore the map you will get traditional prizes but some provinces have asteroid ice mines.

In those places you can send continuous explorations to extract the special good. once you get here you can negotiate or battle for the prize that will be asteroid ice. This can be done continuously although the larger the mine, the longer it takes to return your ships, 24 hours for example.


  • Exploring these mines costs asteroid credits.
Map 1
Map 2


The amount of special goods that they ask us for is enormous, so many players are plagued their cities with Mars mineral synthesizers to maximize that good among other strategies, in the final part of the research tree each technology can ask you for between 1,000 to 4000 special goods.

The total cost of the entire research tree is:


  • Gold Coins: 365,000,000
  • Supplies: 355,000,000
  • Forge Points: 11,295
  • F. Arctic Prometeum : 2 710
  • F. Oceánico Oricalco: 3 420
  • Mars special Goods: 11,500
  • Asteroid Ice Belt Special Goods: 11,000
  • Mars Goods: 13 670
  • Asteroid Belt Goods: 50,000


NAIL STORM.– It is a ranged unit that can hide in the rubble and also gain attack.

SHREDDER: It is a very low rank heavy unit (2), it gains attack bonus from the Close Quarters ability when it attacks an adjacent field.

Hover Hammer: Is a flying unit that ignores terrain and cannot be attacked by artillery armies.

B.E.L.T: It is an artillery unit and gains an attack bonus for each field closest to the target and ignores stealth allowing it to attack hidden or invisible units.

Drill Ranger:Light Unit,  This melee unit always retaliates from adjacent fields.

If you have 2 or 3 enemies in a row the attack reaches 3.

IMPORTANT: Note that the attack and defense in this last photo varies a little, they are balancing the units, there may be changes.


There are synthesizers from Mars and also from the age of asteroid belt

It caught my attention to see many very strong players putting a lot of these buildings, what is clear is that in order to work these very expensive machines in gold and supply you must have an immense capacity to produce these 2 resources.

in a day you could consume 10 million gold and supply, few have this capacity.


As you have already seen, the Mars ore synthesizer consumes a huge amount of gold and supply, we can produce gold but supply? It is more difficult, if you are in times close to this stage you must anticipate and accumulate huge amounts of supply so that you do not have setbacks.

For my part, I will upload my himeji to level 90, which is where the tenth attempt is also activated. I will try to reach the space ages with a minimum of 2 billion supplies in my reserves.

recurring missions


An exclusive post is being created for large buildings.

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