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Soccer Event 2020 forge of empires

The 2020 soccer cup arrives with INCREDIBLE prizes, this award is very generous BUT the theme is very misleading, it is simple but misleading, if you mismanage your resources you can lose the event. So lean on my mistakes. I hope they serve you!

This event will start 2 weeks after the archeology event ends.


This event will be divided into event A and event B. (The training ground and the tournament), so we will explain it separately.

The training ground

1.. TEAM.– Here is the file for each of the players and they can be upgraded, but I will dedicate an exclusive section to it.
2. SPECIAL PRIZE OF THE TRAINING DAY.- Every 24 hours there will be a different prize, be sure to choose the best! I’ll make a ranking of the best options to choose from.
3. Energy drinks.- They are the “currency” of this part of the event, you can get them in the event missions, in incidents in your city and by paying for diamonds.
4. GOAL REWARD.- Every time you cross the court you will automatically score a goal and you will be awarded a great prize, it is very important because this is the only way to get the upgrade kits for the HIPÓDROMO

The advantage of making long passes is that you get to the opponent’s goal faster and you will score a GOAL BUT you consume more energy drinks.

Doing short passes gives you more tries even if you advanced very slowly on the court (and you may not finish the racetrack kit at the highest level), I recommend combining medium and long passes.

It is important to know that GOALS are the only way to get updates for this event.


1.. THE TEAM (I explain below)
2. Special prize of the day. – I already explained it.

3.. TICKETS.- They are the currency of the event, each party consumes 1 ticket, they charge every 8 hours up to a limit of 3 tickets.

4..OPPONENT.– He is a real player, he is calibrated by levels and victories (adding the stars of the 5 players)

5.. YOUR TEAM.- They give you 5 players randomly, BUT you can change them for other options, there you have to try which is your ideal team, if you want more defenses, attackers or midfielder. If you are going to choose a defender, make it one of the highest levels.

6..PLAY.- As you make possible changes, your winning percentage will change, if the change is good, they will increase the winning percentage, if the change is bad, your chances of winning will decrease. This is also related to the level (stars) of your players. To expand the levels you must get the player cards that I will explain in detail in a while.

7.. INSTRUCTIONS.- They are the general rules, although they are not absolute. They indicate the following: the attacker has an advantage over the midfielder but they are weak against defenses, The midfielder has an advantage over defenses but his weakness is attackers, The defender is good against attackers but is weak against midfielders.
These are the rules … but you will see that they are not always followed, sometimes it is good to put 5 defenders, or 5 attackers and maximize your chances of success, so do not trust the rules so much but if it serves to guide you, try various changes

8.. CHANGE.- It is an option to change the 5 players that the computer will default to, it is ALWAYS good to use it, it is free and it allows you to see all the other player options to put.

Your players and cards

Your players and cards 2020 FOE SOOCER cup
these levels that you increase them naturally, if you buy diamonds you could obviously reach higher levels

As you could see we have two events and each one with its respective “currency” (energy drinks and TICKETS).

But there is a third “object” called PLAYER CARDS, we must see him as an enhancer of your team and this will improve the chances of rewards in your training field and in the tournament.

Having high level players gives you advantages:

FOR THE TRAINING FIELD, for each level your player has, it will give you a 0.2% chance of claiming double prizes (x2)

IN THE TOURNAMENT having higher level players will increase your chances of winning


  • When practicing on the training ground there is always a chance to win a small amount of player cards.
  • One of the daily prizes is 50 player cards. if you care a lot about having high players you can wait for the right day (I personally don’t recommend it much.)
  • INCIDENTS.- An incident can give you up to 50 cards, watch out for incidents!
  • Event Missions – Each even number mission will give you, in addition to energy drinks, 5 player cards.
incidents-x7 soocer cup 2020
AN INCIDENT GAVE ME 7 DIFFERENT CARDS, but each card multiplied several times

Grand prize

Grand Prize: The Hippodrome

The Hippodrome is an upgradable residential building existing of 2 key parts, with 3 extra optional parts. 

IMPORTANT, the body of the medium is 1 × 4 size but you can add as many as you want and that award goes to both the head and the tail of your racetrack, if you get 10 “leukoi tracks” then the head of your building will go to You produce from 6 to 16 forge points and the tail from 8 to 18 forge points.

If you get 20 “rousioi tracks” then the head of your building will have + 60% defense for your defensive army and the tail of your building will have more than 60% too. doing 120%!

It is so good that for the first time they put a limit not to “bugear” this event. THERE ARE MAXIMUM PERMITTED:


MAXIMUM OF 359% defense for your army OR

MAXIMUM of 372 goods.


You have very good options if the HIPPODROME kit does not convince you, as we have 2 different daily prizes for days, these are very diverse:

Among the best options in the DAILY TRAINING FIELD AWARDS WE HAVE:

Altar Gardens Selection Kit.
Classic garden selection kit.
Tholos Selection Kit.
Level 2 Hall of Fame Selection Kit
Selection kit for the place of winners at level 2.
Contestants’ assets

The best daily prize options in the TOURNAMENTS SECTION in my opinion are:

Winners Square Upgrade Kit
Kit of 50 cards


I added bookmarks so you can warn yourself of the difficult missions to come. see your progress and more.


plan what strategy you will use.
if you advance very fast the missions will accumulate the tickets and you will not be able to receive the extra ticket every 8 hours.

If you do not advance the missions quickly, your players will not gain experience and you have the risk of staying stranded and losing the opportunity to claim a good daily prize, that’s what happened to me!

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