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forge of empires winter event 2020

It is the last event of the year 2020!, It will start on December 1 until January 1. It is the longest event of the year, here I will not only describe the event but also share my experience, tips and tricks. You can also ask anything and I will answer you quickly, I am here to help you! now let’s start with the explanation.

Let’s start with a general explanation, the event consists of getting as many stars as possible, for every 10 stars you have you can open a gift, these gifts will give you 4 prizes directly and indirectly; keys, daily prizes, matches, reindeer. BUT THERE IS A DECEPTION … if you want to get all the prizes you will claim few prizes, it is advisable to focus on 1 prize, I explain it in detail now.

dashboard game
This is the general screen of the game, let's explain in detail each part and its tips.
  1. STARS: they are the coins of the event, each time you want to open a gift they will charge you 10 stars, these can be obtained in the traditional ways; list of missions, incidents, daily connection, paying diamonds.
  2. DAILY PRIZE + REINDEERS: as is known, the daily prize changes every 24 hours, there are very bad prizes but also very good ones, you must be patient and choose the best prizes! These daily prizes can be obtained by opening the gifts (No. 5) . Also as an extra bonus we will have the reindeer, every time you get a daily prize they will give you a reindeer, when you find 9 reindeer (that is, 9 daily prizes) you can claim 9 interesting prizes BUT IT WILL COST YOU 2995 diamonds. reindeer prizes are optional.
  3. MATCHES: every time you open a gift they give you a match and these serve to illuminate between 1 to 3 houses in the city according to your luck, these matches are necessary to win the grand prize. This is critical to earning the bakery upgrade kits.
  4. THE CALENDAR: this calendar consists of 31 days, to fill it you must get the keys that are together with the other gifts (No. 5) but you can only claim one key per day which forces you to spend all your stars daily avoiding saving a large amount by the time a very good daily prize comes out.
    This option is very controversial and annoying to many players. I personally decided not to fill the calendar and save all my stars for a very good daily prize and I do not regret my decision, in the photos below you will see that the calendar prizes are very bad.
  5. GIFT AREA.- Here you play, as you can see in the photo the prizes are very bad, the only highlight is the daily prize (this time it is the winter train 2019) and the keys(but i don’t need the keys), before starting to play they allow you See the prizes you can get but when you start playing the prizes will be wrapped and mixed.
  6. GRAND PRIZE.- This option is the only way to win winter bakery upgrade kits, you just have to use the matches and light the houses, these can be lit between 1 to 3 houses according to your luck, when you reach 20 illuminated houses The Christmas tree will light up and you will win a great prize!
  • Detailed explanation of the event calendar. As you can see in the image below, the calendar consists of 31 lockers, each locker opens with 1 key, there are 2 ways to get keys:
    a: complete keys.– every 24 hours you can get a complete key searching among the gifts, each complete key opens 1 locker
    b: fragment of keys.- If you already got your key of the day but you are still looking for more keys, these will no longer be complete keys but fragments, you will have to get 5 fragments to complete a complete key, THAT’S A DISASTER! Do not do it please.
    As seen in the photos there will be two types of players, those who decide to fill the calendar and neglect the daily prizes and there will be players who decide not to fill the calendar but claim many daily prizes.

    I decided to abandon the calendar and focus on the daily awards, it went well for me, I won 15 daily prizes.

    As you can see in the photo the prizes of the calendar are very bad, BUT if you manage to open all the boxes then you will claim a final prize that is worth it, they are:
    – 200pfs.
    – 2 winter bakery kits.
    – 100 goods
    – portrait

reindeer foe
There are also the reindeer, every time you get a daily prize you also get a reindeer, you can search up to 9 reindeer and paying 2995 diamonds you claim them.

We also have these 3 functions that can play in our favor or against us.

a) The Eye.- It allows us to see behind the gift wrapping so we can know if it is worth or not to open that gift.

b)2X.- It allows us to double the next gift that we are going to open, if we are lucky the next gift will be the prize of the day so we get double, but also it may not.

c) SHUFFLE.- This function is VERY IMPORTANT, it allows you to change all the gifts for others. Each gift table has a single prize of the day, if you have already claimed this prize of the day then the rest of the gifts do not matter to you, you must look for this option to renew the gift table for another table where there is the prize of the day, like this You can claim another prize of the day again.
– If luck accompanies you when you start playing you will quickly get the special prize of the day and then you will get this option, So you will claim the prize of the day many times!
– If you are not lucky you will find this option when you have not yet found the prize of the day, then your effort will be in vain.



This special building has put many off, there are 4 types of bakeries. To be able to activate all their bonuses it is necessary that they have a different bakery on their right and another on their left, only then will you have the extra bonuses, then the bakeries that are on the edges will never have all the bonuses.

winter bakery foe
Because of my way of playing, I only claimed 2 bakeries, I have a third but it is incomplete so I did not build it.


for me the secondary and tertiary award are the best options within the daily awards, it is a personal opinion, hopefully it will serve you.

The best option that we will have in the special prize of the day is THE WINTER TRAIN, a building that will be updated 9 times and with a size of 7 Γ— 3, in the final level you will be able to choose between these 3 options; a train that gives a lot of attack, another that gives many forge points and another that gives many goods, in addition this train can be expanded with wagons that enhance it even more…


The wagons are extensions of the winter train with a size of 2 Γ— 3, there are 3 types of wagons:

battle wagon: each wagon 4% attack and happiness.

Forge Point wagon: Each car gives 2 forge points and happiness.

wagon of goods: each wagon gives 5 goods and happiness.

you can build your train according to your play style, the wagons will appear many times because the event lasts almost a month so calm down, don’t despair.

My train is complemented with forge point wagons, so later I combine it with my blue galaxy. you can opt for this or for battle wagons. but wagons of goods are not recommended.


We also have sentry posts, with a size of 1×1 it gives us 2% defense for our attack army and it can be expanded to level 2, then it will give us 4%. ideal for players who no longer have a place to put more buildings.

on the other hand we also have the other traditional awards:

  • renovation kits
  • sanctuaries of knowledge.
  • reduction kits
  • medals
  • wells
  • etc.


Take advantage of the list of missions for the winter 2020 event, they are ready, remember to use the markers well to warn you of difficult missions.


I will make a list of the highlights of the event.

I claimed 15 times the special prize of the day, my mistake was wanting to get a second train, each train needs 9 updates, I completed one but the second was incomplete. The best thing to do is not risk so much and get a single train at level 9, with the rest buying attack wagons or forge points, according to your taste.


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