forge of empires halloween 2020

forge of empires halloween 2020

The event that follows fall 2020 is very close! It will be available about 10 days after the fall event ends. This event is very interesting and I am sure you will like it! Let’s start with the development of the information.

The Halloween 2020 event is identical to last year but instead of cleaning cobwebs now we will have to illuminate the green fog to find as many prizes as possible, pay attention because there are many tricks.

A general and summarized explanation would be to say that this event consists of buying lighting tools with tickets, the more tickets you can buy, the more tools you can have. With the tools you will be able to advance in the field and you will be able to claim more prizes, there are 5 types of prizes: the spotlights, the pumpkins, the toys, tools and portraits.

but better look at the details because there are the tricks.

Let’s explain each section of the image above:

  1. Tickets.- The tickets are the currency of the event, with this you can buy tools and with the tools you can find prizes! These tickets can be obtained in different ways: missions, incidents, side missions for toys, daily connection, paying diamonds.
  2. GRAND PRIZE.– The main objective of the game is to obtain the spotlights, for every 20 spotlights found you will get a great prize!
  3. Special Prize of the day.– This award changes every 24 hours and for each pumpkin you find you have a small chance of taking this award, the best options you could find here are the abandoned madhouse, the dark portal and the sentinel lookout. in the PRIZES section I explain this in detail.
  4. TOYS: For each toy found you can activate a small list of 5 missions, there are 8 types of toys, if you collect each of the 8 then you will earn a generous amount of lighting tools. (It is almost impossible, I only find 4 different toys .)
  5. Lighting tools: Here are 3 options; the candle that cleans a green cloud, the lantern that illuminates an entire column and finally we have the lamp that illuminates a square of 9 blocks.
  6. Exploration space: Here we will have to illuminate and find as many prizes as possible,You can find 5 types of prizes hidden behind the green clouds: spotlights, pumpkins, toys, tools and portraits.

It is also very important that you know how to see the obstacles, these are 4:

  • 1. Clean floor.- is the place that has already been cleaned.
  • 2.Boxes and suitcases.– These are very brightly colored boxes, these are indestructible and are mostly at the top and bottom, so it is not good to dig around the edges because it is very likely that you will find dead ends. only dig around the edges when you have no choice. This will save tools.
  • clear clouds.- clear clouds already tell you if there is a hidden prize or not, this is very important because you already have the certainty if it is worth digging there or not. your goal is to turn the clouds from dark to light. So you can dig smart and save a lot of tools.
  • 4. dark clouds.- dark clouds are an enigma, they can hide prizes or not but you will never know, unless you turn them into light clouds, doing this is easy, the dark cloud must be exposed to a clean floor (1) and ready , it already happens to be a clear cloud and you can see if it is worth cleaning there or not.

Other images

You can collect toys, if you get all eight you will win a great prize, I only got 4, this depends a lot on luck.
Prizes for your progress in missions
portrait forge of empires
the exclusive portraits of this event


MAIN PRIZE: The House of Horror

The main prize of the halloween 2020 event is 3×4 in size and consists of 7 updates, its name is LA CASA DEL HORROR.

  • upgrade kits for this award can only be obtained with THE GRAND PRIZE (getting spotlights)

In its last level you can choose between 3 options.


the secondary prize is the best option of the daily prizes, these can be obtained by means of the pumpkins.
and in my personal opinion the best option is THE ASYLUM
ABANDONED, with a size of 5×5 and 9 updates this special building seems perfect to me.

With so many prizes it is worth combining it with THE BLUE GALAXY.


Dark doorway, This option is for those players who prioritize forge points, they may find it interesting.
There is also the sentinel, with a size of 1×1 it grants 2% defense for your attacking army. you can get tons of these.

sentinel outpost foe
this daily prize appeared the penultimate day, Although the safe order will change


We will also have the BLACK TOWER, although it is already obsolete compared to the awards I mentioned before.
there will also be the typical prizes such as the wishing well, secret hideaway, sanctuaries, renovation kits, etc.


This time we will have 2 types of missions and each with its own internal page:
a) traditional missions.– the traditional instant and daily missions.
b) toy missions.– The missions of the toys are like an enhancer, if the traditional missions give us 50 tickets in this section the missions will give us 5 tickets.

  • click on the mission titles to access the page.


Coming Soon

My statistics from the Halloween event and comparisons with fall 2020.

the two images below represent the total of my results in the Halloween event 2020.
in total I won 16 times the daily prize; 10 asylum kits and 6 sentinel kits.

But there is something interesting to tell, for those 10 asylum kits I spent 75% of the event tickets.
while to get those 6 sentinel kits I only spent 25%.

LUCK INFLUENCES A LOT, if you are luckier than me you could get 2 abandoned asylums!

Here I will compare the profitability of Halloween 2020 vs Fall 2020.


The new cultural settlement is very close, in a few weeks we will have it and I will give you the primisias, please help me to grow this project by sharing it with your guild and friends, it would help me a lot, a greeting friend.


Coming Soon

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