The fall event is back but with better prizes !, I’m sure you will like it but before doing so don’t forget to help this project by SHARING the content with your guild and friends of the foe.

This event is great!, Especially for all the creative aberrations that the players are doing with this set, you will see what I mean. Before starting, it would be good if you make a quick comparison of the event of autumn 2020 with the previous one, autumn 2019 and notice how the prizes are improving, now, let’s get started!


For every player with more than a year of experience the theme is already known, generally speaking we will have to bake cakes with ingredients, these ingredients are the special resources of this event. the more baked cakes you can claim more prizes. but let’s lean on this image to understand better!

fall event foe

  1. Ingredients.- They are necessary to make cakes and they are 5; apples, pumpkin, chocolate, cinnamon, caramel. They can be obtained in different ways such as incidents, event missions, DAILY CHALLENGES, diamonds.
  2. Cook.– Choose which cake you will make, but be careful with excessively exhausting some ingredient, otherwise you will not be able to produce. Ami happened to me and the event stopped.
  3. Day special.- one of everyone’s favorite parts, changes every 24 hours. below they explained in detail.
  4. Grand Prize.- Only activated when you activate all the stars. It is the way to get kits from the gardens.
  5. Stars of experience.- that’s what I call them, for each baked cake you will also earn stars and these will accumulate, when you complete all you will claim the grand prize !.
  6. the league. For each baked cake you will earn more points in this league. With this you will get extra prizes at the end of the event.
  7. Diamonds.– the typical way to buy ingredients paying money.


the prizes are really good, as I explain in this post the trends are towards more and better special buildings.
Let’s just compare the last major awards from the past 3 years. see how the special awards improved


This special building has many peculiarities! It is a set but it can be customized to taste, I can explain, see the photo, this is the set that they officially propose, with a size of 6 × 7 gives:

  • 20 forge points
  • 50 goods
  • 12% attack and 8% defense for your siege army
  • 10% attack and 6% defense for your defending army
  • medals
  • a lot of happiness
  • many citizens
  • improve your production of gold coins.
  • improvements in your supply production
  • and other minor things

Harvest Barn forge of empires

Many parts of the set “harvest barn” have different sizes and require few connections to activate all their prizes, which allow high customization in case you do not like the proposal of the forge of empires, let’s see the following images.

The possible combinations are many, let’s see some

As you will see, each one personalizes to your liking, but before we get too excited let’s remember that we will be limited by the ingredients of the event, if you can afford to save diamonds until September you could make a very interesting combination

SECONDARY PRIZE: September cabin

the second most important prize is the September cabin which has 3 options and personally the most recommended is “the appleton cottage”.

This set only needs 7 updates, with a little luck you could get 2 of these prizes. solo se consiguen por el premio especial del dia.

3rd PRIZE: Mill of Fall and Cider Mill

These awards are already obsolete if we compare them with the ”September cabin”. the fall mill only gives 3 forge points and 5 goods. the cider only 7 points forge. NOT RECOMMENDED.

the typical prizes of always.

aqui tenemos las otras opciones de siempre:

  • Shrine of Knowledge
  • Wishing Well Shrink Kit
  • Rogue Hideout
  • Wishing Well
  • Renovation Kit
  • and others



portraits foe dall event 2020


These are all THE MISSIONS (click here)this time we can perform 2 missions at the same time. In addition, daily challenges can also give us ingredients, DO NOT WASTE THEM.



I was able to get 6 Harvest Barn kits. So it is very likely that you have 6 gardens to combine, I preferred the recommendation of the forge of empires, those 20 forge points of the ordered set seem very interesting to me.

also I claimed the special prize of the day 20 times !. I was lucky. with that I put 2 cabins from September and I still have 4 more kits.

When you are baking the cakes you have to be careful that you have reservations for the 5 ingredients, if you run out of one you will no longer be able to continue cooking and you will lose the opportunity to win the special prize you expected.



I am working on an analysis of each of the great buildings.
why they are so important, in what order to upload them, how to upload them, and all the tricks that expert players use.
help me by sharing this blog so I am more motivated.

This year’s Halloween event is much bigger than fall 2020. You will like it very much! shortly I will publish the event that followed to autumn 2020.


2 thoughts on “2020 FALL EVENT”

    • hello friend, the truth was very tight, I just did all the missions, incidents, daily connections and daily challenges.
      with all that I reached the copper cup and claimed the last barn kit that I was missing.
      but most likely many will have to pay a bit of diamonds to complete the kit.

      good luck friend, I hope you make it


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