The forge of empires brings us this event with a completely new theme! But be careful, if you don’t know how to play it well, it will consume you many hours of effort.
I only spend 30 minutes to do the whole process.
The event was highly criticized for eliminating the option of “ daily prize ”.
but at least the main prize is very strong.

Now I explain in detail my experience playing the event for more than 20 days! I hope it serves you.

Without further introduction, WE BEGIN!

I made a lot of mistakes, but still managed to complete the set, now I start updating it to level 2!

page under construction, in a few hours it will be finished.


This event is very complex so the explanation will be detailed.

No. 1: Here we have the constructions that we can control, I divide them into 3 categories.

No. 1A: THE CITY OF SAN PATRICIO.- Its objective is to transport the merchandise (trebol) from the general port to the city of San Patricio, this process of loading and transport takes time but there are optimizers.

No. 1B: THE TRANSPORT BOAT.- Your goal is to go from the general port to the merchandise port and load what you can, then return BUT leave it at the general port of the city

No. 1C: PORT OF GOODS.- The objective of this port is to store and enlist what the 5 factories produce so that the transport ship can load as much as possible.

* It is important to clarify that the 5 factories when finishing a production do not send the merchandise to the port of merchandise, you have to give the order for the shipment. To avoid doing this every 5 seconds there is the option to automate, then the factories will automatically send what is produced to the merchandise port.

2. SHAMROCKS- They are the coins of the minigame, its importance is that it allows you to expand buildings and fulfill internal missions of the event, so that greater production of trees, greater ease to advance internal missions.

3. GOLDEN POTS.- They are the “ PREMIUM ” coins of the minigame, with these gold pots you can get many better and accelerators, but you must be careful in what to invest, a bad investment can ruin the entire event.
In the final part I will put my advice on the use of these gold pots.
This good is achieved 4 different ways:
a) Missions.- the classic event missions.
b) Incidents.- I have been given up to 200 pots of gold.
c) Daily connection.- a small prize for connecting daily (100)
d) Pay with diamonds

4. MAX BUTTON.- By activating this option you will be able to see the maximum levels that you could climb into a building with the shamrocks that you have available.
* CARE: if you expand a building with this option activated you will spend all your shamrocks, it caused me many problems because I did not use it properly.

5.Time shift button.- This option allows you to accelerate your production of shamrocks by paying gold pots. There are 3 options:
– 2 hour accelerator costs 400 pots of gold.
– 4 hour accelerator costs 700 pots of gold.
– 8 hour accelerator costs 1200 gold pots.

EXAMPLE 1: If your 5 factories produce a total of 1000 shamrocks per hour then if you pay 400 pots of gold you will get 2000 shamrocks.
EXAMPLE 2: If your 5 factories produce a total of 500 billion per hour and you pay 1200 pots of gold then you will get 4,000 billion shamrocks

TIP: Personally I do not like this option, it is a waste of time, but if you insist on using it, then expect your factories to be very advanced to order a larger production!

6. GREAT PRIZES AND INTERNAL MISSIONS.- The grand prize is the only way to get prizes, to claim each grand prize you must perform 25 internal missions, below the progress bar of the grand prize you can see 3 icons, they are the 3 available internal missions that you must complete, these missions They are of 3 types:

– Hire and update managers, the only way to do it is to pay with gold pots.
– Expand the levels of your factories, this is only possible with shamrocks.
– Production, transport and collection of shamrocks, this may take days if you do not have an adequate production strategy, after I explain my strategy.

7. Restart of the game.- This option will be enabled when you manage to have 8.4 quadrillions stored in your city. Then you can claim prizes, these prizes will be randomly in 6 chests, the first chest is free, but the others will cost more and more.
After this the whole city will restart and you will start from scratch.
* The advantage of restarting a city is that the first 20 internal missions are very easy, the last 10 are very difficult.
When I am at Mission 25, I begin to save those 8.4 quadrillions to restart the city and start again with the easiest missions.
It is not necessary to advance the most difficult missions to restart the game!


the managers - forge of empires st. patrick's day event

Managers can optimize factories, increase loading speed, increase production and other similar ones.
You should remember that managers get lost when you restart the game, so it is not worth spending too many pots of gold on managers.
In my own experience, what is necessary is to increase a single level to all since the first level is automation and you will not have to order the production every 5 seconds, in addition the first level is very cheap.

TIP: What I highly recommend is to expand the transport ship to level 3 and also the festival hall to level 3.

The route consists of 3 stages:

  1. activate the production of the factories so that they produce and store the boxes in the port.
  2. Send to the ship to verify if there is merchandise to bring.
  3. The ship leaves the merchandise in the port, you have to take it to the city for the party!


Let’s start with the missions !click here



The main prize is highly recommended, a set of 5 pieces called “THE CELTA FOREST” and has a size of 6X5.

The set can be increased to level 2 and we would be giving 14 points forge, 20 goods, attack and defense and other prizes!

selta forest at level 1
st patrick forge of empires
selta forest at level 2


With almost a month trying this game allow me to share my experience, I hope you find it useful, BUT BEFORE …

DON’T FORGET TO SHARE THE CONTENT WITH YOUR GREMIO AND FRIENDS, PLEASE, MOTIVATE A LOT TO HELP ME WITH DISSEMINATION, upload so much content for a few unmotivated people, but when there are many visits I want to put more desire.


The use of appropriate managers.

The first tip is to know how to save the gold pots, expand the managers to level 1 in all buildings, this because the first level is automation, if you do not have this option active you will have to sit for hours updating at all times. That was my first mistake, looking to save pots of gold I had to sit for many hours, then I understood that it was better to activate automation in all buildings

So don’t be stingy and expand the first level of all your buildings or you will end up discouraged from the event. It is also highly recommended to expand your city of San Patricio and your transport boat to level 3.

At a higher level I consider it very expensive and not necessary.

As for the managers of the clover-producing factories, if I leave them all at level 1, but internal missions will often ask us to expand extra levels, if they ask me to do so, unless they ask me something that will cost many pots of gold.

Raise the appropriate levels

This advice would have saved me days of efficiency.

The appropriate manager levels to restart the game are as follows:

Festival City: Level 300 (and level 3 manager)
Merchant ship: Level 300 (Manager level 3)
Pyrotechnic factory: Level 50 (Manager level 2)
The other 4 factories no matter the level at which they are, do not serve to meet the final requirement that is 8.4 Quadrillions of clubs. If you have the first 3 requirements reach 8.4. It will take you 8 hours. If you have levels below it will take days, and raising more levels than I recommend are very expensive and the increase in production is very small, it is not worth it.
If you look at the photo I meet the requirements, main city at level 300, ship at level 300, factory of pyrotechnics at level 50, with those requirements to gather the 8.4 quadrillion and something else I only take 8 hours, Now I will restart the event to start over
Another very important clarification, VERY CAREFUL with spending the 8.4 quadrillion, you need them to activate the restart of the game, at the beginning I mistakenly spent them in expanding more buildings and I had to wait 15 extra hours.



internal tasks are not going anywhere, better hurry up to improve the production of clovers.

for this every time you restart the game try to reach the 5th factory (pyrotechnic factory) quickly, when you get to unlock the fifth factory the first 20 missions will fall like flies.

Careful in the construction of your Celtic forest.

The Celtic forest is the main prize of the event, I assure you that you can complete a set, but the second set is very difficult, unless you diamonds.
I suggest that when you finish the first set try to update it to level 2.
A set of Celtic forest at level 2 gives exactly the same as two Celtic forests at level 1. (SEE IMAGES) Save space!

Internal tasks

For each game you restart you can do 36 tasks, the last tasks will be a headache, DO NOT DO THEM, it is better to restart the game. How? Well, gathering the 8.6 quadrillion. In council No. 2 I explain the most appropriate levels, city of San Patricio level 300, transport ship level 300 and the pyrotechnic factory at level 50, with those buildings it will be easy to restart the game.

Save your pots of gold.

A simple but extraordinarily important tip, – SAVE the gold pots to the fullest,
– NEVER use the accelerators of 2h, 4h, and 8h.

Balance the 3 types of buildings

I already recommended you to automate by raising level 1 to all your buildings.

I also told you that there are 3 types of buildings, the city of San Patricio, and transport ship and in the port of the factory of products. Find the order in production;

If your city of San Patricio collects 1000 clovers, the transport ship should be able to load 1300, and your factory port 5 to 10 times more than your ship.

It is an approximate that I recommend, do not you think of having your city of St. Patrick collecting 100, the ship carrying 10,000 and your factories producing 100,000, that is terrible, with the experience you will learn to balance.

How long does it take to restart a city?

The most appropriate answer is “DEPEND”.

But I will give the answer that worked for me, with the strategies I told them every 2 days I restarted the city, sometimes even less.

and consumed me between 400 to 600 pots of gold.

Be careful before restarting the game!

  • When you have your 8.6 quadrillion clubs and you can restart the game you can open 6 chests, I recommend opening a maximum of 3, I even often only opened one.
  • the 4th, 5th and 6th chest are too expensive, you will lose thousands of gold pots
  • I recommend using those chests to try to get the piazza set, I managed to collect 1 set.


It is very important to have a reserve of 400 pots of gold or something else, you will often find yourself in the obligation to buy managers and if you cannot, your city will be paralyzed.

Use the multipliers (I tell you super level)!

All buildings will have an extra bonus every certain levels! lean on that before going to sleep, it will help you a lot.

Level (Festival & Shipyard)Multiplier
(Increase of the previous level)
Every subsequent 50 levels4x

Level (all other Factories)Multiplier
(Increase of the previous level)
Every subsequent 100 levels2x


I would say yes, I almost completed the Celtic garden at level 2 completely.

Also, every time I restarted the game I tried to win a piazza kit, I did it.

Adding the prizes, my city increased 20pfs, attack and defense for the siege army and the defense army, among other bonuses.

Try to develop a strategy, if you do not get it this will overwhelm you, as I said in the video, it consumes many hours!, BUT THAT WAS THE FIRST AND SECOND RESTARTED, then improve my strategy and with a minimum of time and organizing well the automation only had to play a few minutes.


Space age: asteroid belt.

cultural settlement: egypt

Trick: 1000 diamonds per week

Egyptian cultural settlement forge of empires
2020 archeology event
2020 archeology event - Forge of empires