2021 Archaeology Event

Hello, Again the forge of empires brings us an excavation event but this event is very good although there are tricks to tell so read the entire post so you know the tips and tricks and above all, PLEASE SHARE IT WITH YOUR FRIENDS. that will help me a lot, now if we start.


First I will give a general explanation, this event consists of finding prizes by digging, so you may think that the more you dig, the more prizes you will find but that is false. More important than digging is exposing the spaces to light so you only dig where there are prizes, SO YOU WILL CLAIM MANY PRIZES WITH THE LOWEST AMOUNT OF TOOLS AS POSSIBLE.
If you do not do this then you will spend a lot of digging tools unnecessarily and you will find few prizes, I will detail how to do it shortly, please keep reading.

Now let’s explain the game screen of this event.

1. SCROLLS.- the scrolls are the event’s coins, with them you can buy the excavation tools. you can get the scrolls in the traditional way; event missions, daily connection, incidents, mission tablets and paying diamonds.
2.LIST OF THE GREAT PRIZES.- this is the main way to win the main prize upgrade kits, to get these prizes you must find 20 gold relics in the excavation area.
3. SPECIAL PRIZE OF THE DAY.- This prize changes every 24 hours, if you are smart you can get more profitability from this prize than from the same special prize. You just have to save all your scrolls and spend them when the prize of the day is really good.
4. MUSEUM.- Here are 2 options that I will explain briefly, I will detail more below.
4.1. Tablets. They are in 8 different ways, you will find them in the excavation area and when you “activate” them you can do 5 extra missions, these missions are special and optional so they will only give you 5 scrolls each. here the trick is in the quantity, you can do dozens of missions and win many scrolls.
4.2. Calendar.- is the novelty in this event, inspired by the 2020 Christmas calendar. You must get golden gems once a day in the excavation area, so you will gradually fill the calendar, the problem with this calendar is that it forces you To spend your digging tools, you will not be able to save and you will not be prepared when a very interesting daily prize arrives.
In addition, the prizes of the calendar are very poor, only the final prize is worth it but even so I do not recommend it, I did not fill anything on the calendar and even so I managed to complete the roulette at the highest level.
5.THE TOOLS.- here you will have your tools, the only way to buy tools is with the scrolls. There are 3 types of tools and they are:
5.1. Brush.- This tool cleans only a square of sand, it is ideal to penetrate an area and then combine with other tools causing more impact.
5.2. Shovel.- This tool cleans an entire column, it is my favorite tool because it reveals a lot of space and then you know where you should dig and where not.
5.2. Dynamite.- Clean in a 3×3 space. It is ideal to collect many prizes at the same time, sometimes it is also necessary to advance in the excavations.


An example of almost finished roulette




This time we have ” the ferry wheel ”. A very good building. It consists of 10 levels and in the last level you can choose between two options:

A) THE GREAT WHEEL.- Their bonuses are: 30 goods, 10 forge points and 26% attack
B) WHEEL OF FORTUNE.- It gives you 20 goods, 12 forge points and 32% defense for your army of attack.


These are the best options for the daily prizes: airship, Sentinel outpost, upgrade kit Sentinel outpost level 2.


Here is the list of missions with some extra tricks.

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