2020 archeology event of the forge of empires

The forge of empires brings us again the archeology event 2020! but this time with double prizes! the prizes are diverse and great for small and expert players! You will see why I say it.
before starting… and the date? !!, it is not yet official but it will almost certainly start 7-10 days after the end of the spring event!


The event is IDENTICAL to archeology 2019 but this time there are some improvements. We have complementary missions!

This event will last 21 days and consists of 60 missions! 39 are immediate and 21 daily missions, for each mission you will get parchment and you can exchange them for excavation tools.

The event consists of exploring the ruins and finding 3 types of treasures!:

Golden relics.- are the central objective, it is the only way to advance the line of requirements to claim the grand prize!
Old Vases.- Inside the vases there are various treasures. from medals, PFs, to the special prizes of the day.
Clay Tablets.- It is a novelty, if you get one of these tablets you will be able to activate a small list of missions (5) where you will receive 5 prize scrolls, it is very little but for large quantities it gets interesting.


  1. Amount of scrolls available.- You can get it by missions, daily connections, incidents, diamonds and tablet missions.
  2. Advance chart to claim the grand prize, every time you reach 20 relics you get the grand prize and start from 0 again.
  3. Special prize of the day.- In this section you will be able to see the daily special prize, it changes every 24 hours obviously, choose wisely!
  4. Tools.- The amount of tools available that you have to dig.
    The excavation field.
  5. List of tablets.- By clicking you will have a small window where you can activate your small list of 5 missions for each tablet. once activated these will be placed under your event quests section.

To dig you will have 3 tools available:

Brush.– Only allows you to dig square by square.
Shovel.- Cleans an entire column.
Dynamite.- Clean a wide area of ​​square shape.

NOTE.- The objective of the mission is to clean more with the minimum of tools, try to find the right combination between your tools to maximize the excavated places, dig intelligently.

look at the GIF above that, we have clear sand squares and dark, the squares of light sand already tell you whether or not there are prizes, whether it is worth cleaning or not, IT IS VERY IMPORTANT! Let’s save!

The tablets

each tablet opens 5 missions for you, if you get 2 equal tablets then you will have to wait to do its 5 missions to reactivate the same missions

There are 8 types of tablets, if you get a set of each type you will receive a generous amount of digging tools.

THIS DEPENDS ON LUCK, I CAN NEVER GET THE 2 MISSING. But you can be luckier than me.


The order of importance of awards is at my personal consideration. Remember that the needs of a small player are very different from that of a large player.

I must also say that I claimed the daily prize 19 times and completed the main prize at the highest level.


It is the main prize of the event, with a size of 7 × 3 follows the trend that we predicted, increasingly larger buildings. but note the curiosity that gives 15 goods to the treasure of your guild, this will fall great now that we have a lot of wear and tear on the Guild Battlefield.

It is good but not perfect, it lacks the improvement bonus for our offensive army, anyway it is appreciated!


It consists of 10 updates and is 6 × 4 in size. throughout the event it appeared 3 times.

build special foe
hopefully you can complete 2 buildings at the highest level, I did it


This special building is very interesting, it is really very good but it has only one problem, each carousel has a size of 3 × 3 and that limits the amount that we must place a little, anyway I leave it here.

Only appeared twice in the entire event

others prizes

We also have tactical towers that give attack and defense to your DEFENDING army. You may find it interesting.

we also have the traditional awards:

sanctuary of knowledge

wishing well reduction kits

secret hiding

jacke mate square.

The portraits

the exclusive avatars of the event! in addition there are also others buried





This event is very good, it increased the production of my city by 27PFs and 35 goods. also multiply it x2 thanks to my BLUE GALAXY

Then I will produce 54PFs and 70 more goods.

ANOTHER TIP I CAN GIVE YOU is the right combination of the 3 tools, I go deep with the brush and then destroy more with a dynamite or shovel.

Also at the time of collecting if I can collect 2 or more with a shovel or dynamite I do not doubt it, there is no more important tool than another, all work together, all are important if you combine them well.

AND REMEMBER that it is not about breaking more, it is about discovering more prizes with as few tools as possible and for that you must destroy only what is necessary.


the most important is this leaked image of the next event, it is completely new so … I do not know whether to fear or rejoice after what happened to us with the event of St. Patrick.

ask me any questions!

new event forge of empires
It is already confirmed, it is a completely new event!


Please help me grow this project.

If you help me, I will share many incredible strategies for your city to grow rapidly.
for example, I will teach you as a producer 2000 researched diamonds for week.

And excuse my bad English

next news: analysis of the new age asteroid belt of the space age

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