Botanical Rotunda

Botanical Rotunda forge of empires

It is a special building something new, they are only obtained in two ways, in the antiques seller and / or daily prize in some event. It can be interesting for warrior players but it is often compared to Checkmate Square and the latter gives 20% more. I don’t like this special building very much, … Read more

Black Tower

Black Tower forge of empires

this special building is 2 years old. It appeared as the main prize of the halloween event 2018. then it appeared as a secondary prize of the halloween event 2019, by then other more productive special buildings had already come out and the black tower began to become obsolete, many of us sold it, finally … Read more


bazaar forge of empires

This special building is also very old, with a size of 5×4 almost not worth buying unless it is available in the auction section at a very low price, then I would buy it and then sell it and earn gems. BAD SIZE: 5X4. Street: YES, 1×1. Type: Production Buildings. ★★★★★ 2/5 important considerations If … Read more


Aviary forge of empires

the aviary is something unknown to me, I think it is a very old special building, currently it is only available through the antique dealer. For a small or medium player it can be interesting, but for advanced players we get it to sell them and get gems. SIZE: 3X4. Street: YES, 1×1. Type: Production … Read more

Athlete Living Quarters

Athlete Living Quarters forge of empires

This is another very old special building, it is at least 3 years old and it is a classic that still works, it is ideal for small and medium players especially for its gold production and defense for our city. Complement your city, it’s good. SIZE: 3X4. Street: YES, 1×1. Type: Residential Buildings ★★★★★ 5/5 … Read more

Art Exhibition – Lv. 8

This special building is new, it appeared in 2019 and its updates can only be obtained at the antique dealer. It is very difficult to achieve, which is why its awards are very good. highly recommended SIZE: 4X4. Street: YES, 1×1. Type: Residential Buildings ★★★★★ 5/5 important considerations It is only available in the antique … Read more