forge of empires winter event 2020

winter event forge of empires

It is the last event of the year 2020!, It will start on December 1 until January 1. It is the longest event of the year, here I will not only describe the event but also share my experience, tips and tricks. You can also ask anything and I will answer you quickly, I am … Read more

Forge of Empires PLUS

forge of empires plus

It seems that we will have new premium functions in the forge of empires, at the moment only these photos have been filtered but soon there will be more data. now if we see the images! Images and Titles It seems that this premium feature will be focused on improving goods production, time management, forge … Read more

news in the guild expedition 2020

MANY CHANGES ARE COMING IN THE FORGE OF EMPIRES, from renewed or completely new events, new themes like a new PvP, and various updates. Here we report the news in the guild expedition. NEW PRIZES AT THE EXPEDITION OF GREMIOS 2020 These rewards will be obtained exclusively by the expedition of guilds, they are very … Read more

player vs. player – arena battles

A new functionality begins to approach. it is almost certain that this will be the case, what we do not know is what it is about? it’s time to speculate !, release all kinds of theories. I will expose mine, but I REPEAT, WE ARE SPECULATING. BUT… I am encouraged to say that we will … Read more

Soccer Event 2020 quest list forge of empires

soccer cup 2020 forge of empires hack

As always, the mission objective is as seen in the mission list but the quantity of goods, FPs, supplies, gold coins, etc. It can change dramatically depending on the era you are in.For example: if you are from the Bronze Age they could ask you for 1,000 gold coins and for another player, for the … Read more