2021 Archaeology Event

Hello, Again the forge of empires brings us an excavation event but this event is very good although there are tricks to tell so read the entire post so you know the tips and tricks and above all, PLEASE SHARE IT WITH YOUR FRIENDS. that will help me a lot, now if we start.


First I will give a general explanation, this event consists of finding prizes by digging, so you may think that the more you dig, the more prizes you will find but that is false. More important than digging is exposing the spaces to light so you only dig where there are prizes, SO YOU WILL CLAIM MANY PRIZES WITH THE LOWEST AMOUNT OF TOOLS AS POSSIBLE.
If you do not do this then you will spend a lot of digging tools unnecessarily and you will find few prizes, I will detail how to do it shortly, please keep reading.

Now let’s explain the game screen of this event.

1. SCROLLS.- the scrolls are the event’s coins, with them you can buy the excavation tools. you can get the scrolls in the traditional way; event missions, daily connection, incidents, mission tablets and paying diamonds.
2.LIST OF THE GREAT PRIZES.- this is the main way to win the main prize upgrade kits, to get these prizes you must find 20 gold relics in the excavation area.
3. SPECIAL PRIZE OF THE DAY.- This prize changes every 24 hours, if you are smart you can get more profitability from this prize than from the same special prize. You just have to save all your scrolls and spend them when the prize of the day is really good.
4. MUSEUM.- Here are 2 options that I will explain briefly, I will detail more below.
4.1. Tablets. They are in 8 different ways, you will find them in the excavation area and when you “activate” them you can do 5 extra missions, these missions are special and optional so they will only give you 5 scrolls each. here the trick is in the quantity, you can do dozens of missions and win many scrolls.
4.2. Calendar.- is the novelty in this event, inspired by the 2020 Christmas calendar. You must get golden gems once a day in the excavation area, so you will gradually fill the calendar, the problem with this calendar is that it forces you To spend your digging tools, you will not be able to save and you will not be prepared when a very interesting daily prize arrives.
In addition, the prizes of the calendar are very poor, only the final prize is worth it but even so I do not recommend it, I did not fill anything on the calendar and even so I managed to complete the roulette at the highest level.
5.THE TOOLS.- here you will have your tools, the only way to buy tools is with the scrolls. There are 3 types of tools and they are:
5.1. Brush.- This tool cleans only a square of sand, it is ideal to penetrate an area and then combine with other tools causing more impact.
5.2. Shovel.- This tool cleans an entire column, it is my favorite tool because it reveals a lot of space and then you know where you should dig and where not.
5.2. Dynamite.- Clean in a 3×3 space. It is ideal to collect many prizes at the same time, sometimes it is also necessary to advance in the excavations.


An example of almost finished roulette




This time we have ” the ferry wheel ”. A very good building. It consists of 10 levels and in the last level you can choose between two options:

A) THE GREAT WHEEL.- Their bonuses are: 30 goods, 10 forge points and 26% attack
B) WHEEL OF FORTUNE.- It gives you 20 goods, 12 forge points and 32% defense for your army of attack.


These are the best options for the daily prizes: airship, Sentinel outpost, upgrade kit Sentinel outpost level 2.


Here is the list of missions with some extra tricks.

2021 Forge Bowl Event

2021 Forge Bowl Event

We started the year 2021 with a very interesting event that indicates a new trend towards chained buildings. For small and medium players it is very helpful because it allows access to many bonuses in a single event, my city increased 160 forge points just for doing this event!.

Very soon we will have a YouTube channel where I explain how I can manage 6 cities playing half an hour a day and they all produce between 1000 to 1300 PFs a day. ideal for busy people. This aventure will be very interesting!.

Now if we begin to explain this event and how it turned out so that you prepare well.


This event will start from January 19 to February 7, 2021. The theme is the same as the forge bowl 2020. We have to advance on the playing field to claim prizes in different ways, I explain in detail in the following image.

  1. COACHES.- Here you can choose between 5 coaches, 4 coaches are free and one premium, it is impossible to choose 2 coaches simultaneously, if you choose one, the other is canceled, each coach lasts 24 hours, the bonuses will be explained in more detail later.
  2. LEAGUE – This event will have a tournament league, where players will receive prizes at the end of this event. here you can see your place in the league.
  3. DAILY PRIZES.– Here are the daily prizes, they change every 24 hours, it is worth saving our event coins and being ready when a really good prize comes out.
    Don’t you know what the best prizes are? I have a list from most to least important.
  4. FOOTBALLS.- This time the coins of the event are the footballs, the more footballs you have, the more times you can try to claim the daily prizes and great prizes. These footballs can be obtained in the traditional way; daily missions, daily connection award, incidents and paying diamonds.
  5. GRAND PRIZE.– To win the grand prize you must make passes and advance little by little on the court until you reach the opponent’s goal. then you will win the grand prize!
  6. GAME COURT.– Here is your team, you can choose between 3 types of passes; short, medium and long. each pass will consume footballs, you must choose the best option.(the best option is the middle pass)
Without paying diamonds you can only reach the silver cup, I did it by making medium passes and activating the premium trainer

To enhance our game we can choose support coaches, they will give us increased bonuses, but choose wisely, you can only have one at day:

If you change coach, you cancel the previous one.
each coach has a duration of 24 hours
couch 13% chance to double the daily prize when playing
It is the default trainer, it is always active
unless you choose another.
couch 2+1 in advance of the playing court
price: free
couch 35% chance of winning the prize of the day for 24 hours.
price: free
couch 4grants double the points earned towards the league table
couch 5Combine and activate the bonuses of the 4 trainers. price: 150 diamonds

It is really worth saving those 150 diamonds. but wait the last 12 days and just spend it, so you will avoid spending 2 times the premium trainer. prizes appear 2 times!

My experience



The central prize is the terracotta vineyard, it is an 8-level chained building. which means that it can be enhanced by special gardens that you can get exclusively at this event.
The Terracotta Vineyard and its upgrade kits can only be achieved in 3 ways: mission milestones, league table prizes, and the main one is the grand prize (touchdown). CANNOT BE ACHIEVED THROUGH DAILY PRIZES.

  • IMPORTANT: This event is very easy, we will all have our terracotta vineyard at the highest level easily, we must focus on the daily prizes.

Under construction

That’s how I finish my garden, I still need to put 2 more gardens, it will be giving me 80 pfs a day, I combine it with my galaxy and it often gives me 160 forge points.
first leaked image of the new era: VENUS

Mission list


  • 0. TIPS:
    – Some missions do not ask you for resources or buildings of your era, pay attention.
    – Save the soccerballs, only a few prizes are worth it.
    – GOOD LUCK !.
  • 1. COLLECT 950,000 coins.
  • 2. SPEND 20 forge points.
  • 3. BUILD 2 decorations from your era or 3 from the previous era.
    – AND PAY 2 000 coins.
  • 4. DEFEAT this small army OR RESOLVE this simple negotiation.
    – AND TO MAKE your population enthusiastic.
  • 5. PAY 44 goods from your era or 58 from the previous era. (Selected goods)
  • 6. RECRUIT 3 units from your era OR 4 from the previous era.
    – AND BUY 5 forge points.
  • 7. FIND 3 incidents OR BUY 2 items from the antique dealer.
    – AND PAY 1,000,000 supplies.
  • 8. DONATE 200 goods to the guild treasury OR SPEND 60 forge points.
    – AND GET 2 300 000 gold coins.
  • 9. INFILTRATE into 3 sectors OR RESOLVE this simple negotiation.
    – AND FINISH 8 times a 4 hour production.
  • 10. BUILD 2 goods buildings of your era OR GATHER 220 goods by trading or producing.
    – AND SPEND 36 forge points.
  • 11. EXCHANGE 3 items with the antique dealer OR DEFEAT this small army.
    – AND PAY 2,000,000 coins.
  • 12. WIN 8 battles 8 battles OR SPEND 40 forge points.
    – AND gather 650,000 supplies.
  • 13. PAY 40 goods from your era OR 50 from the previous era (selected)
  • 14. DEFEAT this medium army OR RESOLVE this moderate negotiation.
    – AND spend 46 forge points.
  • 15. GET 220 goods by trade or production. OR DONATE 300 goods to the guild treasury.
    – AND GET 14,000 population.
  • 16. MOTIVATE 25 buildings OR RESOLVE this simple negotiation.
    – AND FINISH 12 times a production of 5 minutes.
  • 17. ACQUIRE 2 map sectors OR FINISH 12 times a 24 hour production.
  • 18. BUILD 1 culture building from your era or 2 from the previous era.
    – AND PAYING 1,200,000 FOR SUPPLIES.
  • 19.GET 5 incidents OR FINISH 10 productions in PREVIOUS ERA production buildings.
    – AND WIN 28,000 happiness.
  • 20. VISIT 16 friends’ tavern OR DEFEAT 40 units.
    – AND COLLECT 1,100,000 supplies.
  • 21. BUILD 7 decorations.
    – AND FINISH 18 times a 15 minute production.
  • 22. PAY 40 selected goods or 55 goods from the previous era.
    – AND PAY 2,400,000 coins.
  • 23. ACTIVATE 2 bonuses from the friends’ tavern OR WIN 10 battles.
    – AND GATHER 400,000 supplies.
  • 24. RESOLVE 5 meetings in the expeditions OR RESOLVE this moderate negotiation.
    – AND FINISH 13 times a production of 1 hour.
  • 25. EXCHANGE 4 items at the antiques vendor OR FINISH 12 times a 4 hour production.
    – AND GATHER 800 000 coins.
  • 26. BUILD 1 production building from your era or 2 from the previous era.
    – AND BUY 5 forge points.
  • 27. GATHER 260 goods by trade or production. OR DONATE 140 goods to the guild treasury.
  • 28. SPEND 400 silver coins from the Friends Tavern OR INFILTRATE in 4 sectors of the map.
    – AND PAY 1,700,000 supplies.
  • 29. DEFEAT this medium army OR RESOLVE this moderate negotiation.
    – AND FINISH 17 times a production of 5 minutes.
  • 30. COLLECT 3 incidents OR CONTRIBUTE 100 forge points to large buildings.
    – AND GATHER 800 000 coins.
  • 31. PAY 46 goods from your era or 58 goods from the previous era (Selected goods).
    – AND SPEND 46 forge points,
  • 32. VISIT 18 friends’ taverns OR DEFEAT 40 units.
    – AND PAY 2 7000 000 coins.
  • 33. BUILD 2 residential buildings from your era OR 3 from the previous era
  • 34. FINISH 15 productions in production buildings of your era OR 16 productions in production buildings of the previous era.
    – AND SPEND 46 forge points. (SPECIAL PORTRAIT: NOE)
  • 35. GATHER 180 goods by trade or production. OR DONATE 200 goods to the guild treasury.
    – AND GATHER 800,000 supplies. (SPECIAL PORTRAIT: KAYLEE

daily missions

Daily Quests are unlocked 1 per day, starting January 14.

  • 36. EXCHANGE 2 items at the antique dealer OR FINISH 24 times a 4-hour production.
    – AND PAY 1 300,000 supplies. (SPECIAL PRIZE: SURPRISE BOX.)
winter event forge of empires

forge of empires winter event 2020

It is the last event of the year 2020!, It will start on December 1 until January 1. It is the longest event of the year, here I will not only describe the event but also share my experience, tips and tricks. You can also ask anything and I will answer you quickly, I am here to help you! now let’s start with the explanation.


Let’s start with a general explanation, the event consists of getting as many stars as possible, for every 10 stars you have you can open a gift, these gifts will give you 4 prizes directly and indirectly; keys, daily prizes, matches, reindeer. BUT THERE IS A DECEPTION … if you want to get all the prizes you will claim few prizes, it is advisable to focus on 1 prize, I explain it in detail now.

dashboard game
This is the general screen of the game, let's explain in detail each part and its tips.
  1. STARS: they are the coins of the event, each time you want to open a gift they will charge you 10 stars, these can be obtained in the traditional ways; list of missions, incidents, daily connection, paying diamonds.
  2. DAILY PRIZE + REINDEERS: as is known, the daily prize changes every 24 hours, there are very bad prizes but also very good ones, you must be patient and choose the best prizes! These daily prizes can be obtained by opening the gifts (No. 5) . Also as an extra bonus we will have the reindeer, every time you get a daily prize they will give you a reindeer, when you find 9 reindeer (that is, 9 daily prizes) you can claim 9 interesting prizes BUT IT WILL COST YOU 2995 diamonds. reindeer prizes are optional.
  3. MATCHES: every time you open a gift they give you a match and these serve to illuminate between 1 to 3 houses in the city according to your luck, these matches are necessary to win the grand prize. This is critical to earning the bakery upgrade kits.
  4. THE CALENDAR: this calendar consists of 31 days, to fill it you must get the keys that are together with the other gifts (No. 5) but you can only claim one key per day which forces you to spend all your stars daily avoiding saving a large amount by the time a very good daily prize comes out.
    This option is very controversial and annoying to many players. I personally decided not to fill the calendar and save all my stars for a very good daily prize and I do not regret my decision, in the photos below you will see that the calendar prizes are very bad.
  5. GIFT AREA.- Here you play, as you can see in the photo the prizes are very bad, the only highlight is the daily prize (this time it is the winter train 2019) and the keys(but i don’t need the keys), before starting to play they allow you See the prizes you can get but when you start playing the prizes will be wrapped and mixed.
  6. GRAND PRIZE.- This option is the only way to win winter bakery upgrade kits, you just have to use the matches and light the houses, these can be lit between 1 to 3 houses according to your luck, when you reach 20 illuminated houses The Christmas tree will light up and you will win a great prize!
  • Detailed explanation of the event calendar. As you can see in the image below, the calendar consists of 31 lockers, each locker opens with 1 key, there are 2 ways to get keys:
    a: complete keys.– every 24 hours you can get a complete key searching among the gifts, each complete key opens 1 locker
    b: fragment of keys.- If you already got your key of the day but you are still looking for more keys, these will no longer be complete keys but fragments, you will have to get 5 fragments to complete a complete key, THAT’S A DISASTER! Do not do it please.
    As seen in the photos there will be two types of players, those who decide to fill the calendar and neglect the daily prizes and there will be players who decide not to fill the calendar but claim many daily prizes.

    I decided to abandon the calendar and focus on the daily awards, it went well for me, I won 15 daily prizes.

    As you can see in the photo the prizes of the calendar are very bad, BUT if you manage to open all the boxes then you will claim a final prize that is worth it, they are:
    – 200pfs.
    – 2 winter bakery kits.
    – 100 goods
    – portrait

reindeer foe
There are also the reindeer, every time you get a daily prize you also get a reindeer, you can search up to 9 reindeer and paying 2995 diamonds you claim them.

We also have these 3 functions that can play in our favor or against us.

a) The Eye.- It allows us to see behind the gift wrapping so we can know if it is worth or not to open that gift.

b)2X.- It allows us to double the next gift that we are going to open, if we are lucky the next gift will be the prize of the day so we get double, but also it may not.

c) SHUFFLE.- This function is VERY IMPORTANT, it allows you to change all the gifts for others. Each gift table has a single prize of the day, if you have already claimed this prize of the day then the rest of the gifts do not matter to you, you must look for this option to renew the gift table for another table where there is the prize of the day, like this You can claim another prize of the day again.
– If luck accompanies you when you start playing you will quickly get the special prize of the day and then you will get this option, So you will claim the prize of the day many times!
– If you are not lucky you will find this option when you have not yet found the prize of the day, then your effort will be in vain.



This special building has put many off, there are 4 types of bakeries. To be able to activate all their bonuses it is necessary that they have a different bakery on their right and another on their left, only then will you have the extra bonuses, then the bakeries that are on the edges will never have all the bonuses.

winter bakery foe
Because of my way of playing, I only claimed 2 bakeries, I have a third but it is incomplete so I did not build it.


for me the secondary and tertiary award are the best options within the daily awards, it is a personal opinion, hopefully it will serve you.

The best option that we will have in the special prize of the day is THE WINTER TRAIN, a building that will be updated 9 times and with a size of 7 × 3, in the final level you will be able to choose between these 3 options; a train that gives a lot of attack, another that gives many forge points and another that gives many goods, in addition this train can be expanded with wagons that enhance it even more…


The wagons are extensions of the winter train with a size of 2 × 3, there are 3 types of wagons:

battle wagon: each wagon 4% attack and happiness.

Forge Point wagon: Each car gives 2 forge points and happiness.

wagon of goods: each wagon gives 5 goods and happiness.

you can build your train according to your play style, the wagons will appear many times because the event lasts almost a month so calm down, don’t despair.

My train is complemented with forge point wagons, so later I combine it with my blue galaxy. you can opt for this or for battle wagons. but wagons of goods are not recommended.


We also have sentry posts, with a size of 1×1 it gives us 2% defense for our attack army and it can be expanded to level 2, then it will give us 4%. ideal for players who no longer have a place to put more buildings.

on the other hand we also have the other traditional awards:

  • renovation kits
  • sanctuaries of knowledge.
  • reduction kits
  • medals
  • wells
  • etc.


Take advantage of the list of missions for the winter 2020 event, they are ready, remember to use the markers well to warn you of difficult missions.


I will make a list of the highlights of the event.

I claimed 15 times the special prize of the day, my mistake was wanting to get a second train, each train needs 9 updates, I completed one but the second was incomplete. The best thing to do is not risk so much and get a single train at level 9, with the rest buying attack wagons or forge points, according to your taste.


forge of empires halloween 2020

forge of empires halloween 2020

The event that follows fall 2020 is very close! It will be available about 10 days after the fall event ends. This event is very interesting and I am sure you will like it! Let’s start with the development of the information.


The Halloween 2020 event is identical to last year but instead of cleaning cobwebs now we will have to illuminate the green fog to find as many prizes as possible, pay attention because there are many tricks.

A general and summarized explanation would be to say that this event consists of buying lighting tools with tickets, the more tickets you can buy, the more tools you can have. With the tools you will be able to advance in the field and you will be able to claim more prizes, there are 5 types of prizes: the spotlights, the pumpkins, the toys, tools and portraits.

but better look at the details because there are the tricks.

Let’s explain each section of the image above:

  1. Tickets.- The tickets are the currency of the event, with this you can buy tools and with the tools you can find prizes! These tickets can be obtained in different ways: missions, incidents, side missions for toys, daily connection, paying diamonds.
  2. GRAND PRIZE.– The main objective of the game is to obtain the spotlights, for every 20 spotlights found you will get a great prize!
  3. Special Prize of the day.– This award changes every 24 hours and for each pumpkin you find you have a small chance of taking this award, the best options you could find here are the abandoned madhouse, the dark portal and the sentinel lookout. in the PRIZES section I explain this in detail.
  4. TOYS: For each toy found you can activate a small list of 5 missions, there are 8 types of toys, if you collect each of the 8 then you will earn a generous amount of lighting tools. (It is almost impossible, I only find 4 different toys .)
  5. Lighting tools: Here are 3 options; the candle that cleans a green cloud, the lantern that illuminates an entire column and finally we have the lamp that illuminates a square of 9 blocks.
  6. Exploration space: Here we will have to illuminate and find as many prizes as possible,You can find 5 types of prizes hidden behind the green clouds: spotlights, pumpkins, toys, tools and portraits.

It is also very important that you know how to see the obstacles, these are 4:

  • 1. Clean floor.- is the place that has already been cleaned.
  • 2.Boxes and suitcases.– These are very brightly colored boxes, these are indestructible and are mostly at the top and bottom, so it is not good to dig around the edges because it is very likely that you will find dead ends. only dig around the edges when you have no choice. This will save tools.
  • clear clouds.- clear clouds already tell you if there is a hidden prize or not, this is very important because you already have the certainty if it is worth digging there or not. your goal is to turn the clouds from dark to light. So you can dig smart and save a lot of tools.
  • 4. dark clouds.- dark clouds are an enigma, they can hide prizes or not but you will never know, unless you turn them into light clouds, doing this is easy, the dark cloud must be exposed to a clean floor (1) and ready , it already happens to be a clear cloud and you can see if it is worth cleaning there or not.

Other images

You can collect toys, if you get all eight you will win a great prize, I only got 4, this depends a lot on luck.
Prizes for your progress in missions
portrait forge of empires
the exclusive portraits of this event


MAIN PRIZE: The House of Horror

The main prize of the halloween 2020 event is 3×4 in size and consists of 7 updates, its name is LA CASA DEL HORROR.

  • upgrade kits for this award can only be obtained with THE GRAND PRIZE (getting spotlights)

In its last level you can choose between 3 options.


the secondary prize is the best option of the daily prizes, these can be obtained by means of the pumpkins.
and in my personal opinion the best option is THE ASYLUM
ABANDONED, with a size of 5×5 and 9 updates this special building seems perfect to me.

With so many prizes it is worth combining it with THE BLUE GALAXY.


Dark doorway, This option is for those players who prioritize forge points, they may find it interesting.
There is also the sentinel, with a size of 1×1 it grants 2% defense for your attacking army. you can get tons of these.

sentinel outpost foe
this daily prize appeared the penultimate day, Although the safe order will change


We will also have the BLACK TOWER, although it is already obsolete compared to the awards I mentioned before.
there will also be the typical prizes such as the wishing well, secret hideaway, sanctuaries, renovation kits, etc.


This time we will have 2 types of missions and each with its own internal page:
a) traditional missions.– the traditional instant and daily missions.
b) toy missions.– The missions of the toys are like an enhancer, if the traditional missions give us 50 tickets in this section the missions will give us 5 tickets.

  • click on the mission titles to access the page.


Coming Soon

My statistics from the Halloween event and comparisons with fall 2020.

the two images below represent the total of my results in the Halloween event 2020.
in total I won 16 times the daily prize; 10 asylum kits and 6 sentinel kits.

But there is something interesting to tell, for those 10 asylum kits I spent 75% of the event tickets.
while to get those 6 sentinel kits I only spent 25%.

LUCK INFLUENCES A LOT, if you are luckier than me you could get 2 abandoned asylums!

Here I will compare the profitability of Halloween 2020 vs Fall 2020.


The new cultural settlement is very close, in a few weeks we will have it and I will give you the primisias, please help me to grow this project by sharing it with your guild and friends, it would help me a lot, a greeting friend.


Coming Soon



The fall event is back but with better prizes !, I’m sure you will like it but before doing so don’t forget to help this project by SHARING the content with your guild and friends of the foe.

This event is great!, Especially for all the creative aberrations that the players are doing with this set, you will see what I mean. Before starting, it would be good if you make a quick comparison of the event of autumn 2020 with the previous one, autumn 2019 and notice how the prizes are improving, now, let’s get started!


For every player with more than a year of experience the theme is already known, generally speaking we will have to bake cakes with ingredients, these ingredients are the special resources of this event. the more baked cakes you can claim more prizes. but let’s lean on this image to understand better!

fall event foe

  1. Ingredients.- They are necessary to make cakes and they are 5; apples, pumpkin, chocolate, cinnamon, caramel. They can be obtained in different ways such as incidents, event missions, DAILY CHALLENGES, diamonds.
  2. Cook.– Choose which cake you will make, but be careful with excessively exhausting some ingredient, otherwise you will not be able to produce. Ami happened to me and the event stopped.
  3. Day special.- one of everyone’s favorite parts, changes every 24 hours. below they explained in detail.
  4. Grand Prize.- Only activated when you activate all the stars. It is the way to get kits from the gardens.
  5. Stars of experience.- that’s what I call them, for each baked cake you will also earn stars and these will accumulate, when you complete all you will claim the grand prize !.
  6. the league. For each baked cake you will earn more points in this league. With this you will get extra prizes at the end of the event.
  7. Diamonds.– the typical way to buy ingredients paying money.


the prizes are really good, as I explain in this post the trends are towards more and better special buildings.
Let’s just compare the last major awards from the past 3 years. see how the special awards improved


This special building has many peculiarities! It is a set but it can be customized to taste, I can explain, see the photo, this is the set that they officially propose, with a size of 6 × 7 gives:

  • 20 forge points
  • 50 goods
  • 12% attack and 8% defense for your siege army
  • 10% attack and 6% defense for your defending army
  • medals
  • a lot of happiness
  • many citizens
  • improve your production of gold coins.
  • improvements in your supply production
  • and other minor things

Harvest Barn forge of empires

Many parts of the set “harvest barn” have different sizes and require few connections to activate all their prizes, which allow high customization in case you do not like the proposal of the forge of empires, let’s see the following images.

The possible combinations are many, let’s see some

As you will see, each one personalizes to your liking, but before we get too excited let’s remember that we will be limited by the ingredients of the event, if you can afford to save diamonds until September you could make a very interesting combination

SECONDARY PRIZE: September cabin

the second most important prize is the September cabin which has 3 options and personally the most recommended is “the appleton cottage”.

This set only needs 7 updates, with a little luck you could get 2 of these prizes. solo se consiguen por el premio especial del dia.

3rd PRIZE: Mill of Fall and Cider Mill

These awards are already obsolete if we compare them with the ”September cabin”. the fall mill only gives 3 forge points and 5 goods. the cider only 7 points forge. NOT RECOMMENDED.

the typical prizes of always.

aqui tenemos las otras opciones de siempre:

  • Shrine of Knowledge
  • Wishing Well Shrink Kit
  • Rogue Hideout
  • Wishing Well
  • Renovation Kit
  • and others



portraits foe dall event 2020


These are all THE MISSIONS (click here)this time we can perform 2 missions at the same time. In addition, daily challenges can also give us ingredients, DO NOT WASTE THEM.



I was able to get 6 Harvest Barn kits. So it is very likely that you have 6 gardens to combine, I preferred the recommendation of the forge of empires, those 20 forge points of the ordered set seem very interesting to me.

also I claimed the special prize of the day 20 times !. I was lucky. with that I put 2 cabins from September and I still have 4 more kits.

When you are baking the cakes you have to be careful that you have reservations for the 5 ingredients, if you run out of one you will no longer be able to continue cooking and you will lose the opportunity to win the special prize you expected.



I am working on an analysis of each of the great buildings.
why they are so important, in what order to upload them, how to upload them, and all the tricks that expert players use.
help me by sharing this blog so I am more motivated.

This year’s Halloween event is much bigger than fall 2020. You will like it very much! shortly I will publish the event that followed to autumn 2020.


summer event 2020 forge of empires

Summer Event 2020 Forge of Empires

The forge of empires brings us another event!, Summer 2020, is a seasonal event and is IDENTICAL to Summer 2019 but the main prize changes.

Before starting with the explanation I must say that I advance this post a lot for those who were thinking of spending their diamonds in the 2020 soccer cup event, only with the intention that they compare main and secondary prizes and see where it is better to invest their precious diamonds .

With this intention, I am bringing you this event that will only be available in the second week of July.

Now if you have to explain!


In this event we will have to spin the roulette wheel to claim prizes randomly, each attempt costs 1 double !.
We will compete with our neighbors to win the best roulette prizes!

  1. Doubloons.- are the currency of the event!, You can get them through incidents, carrying out missions, bonuses for advancement in the mission line and paying diamonds.
  2. error.
  3. THE COMPASS.- for each time you spend a doubloon playing with roulette you will be awarded a compass!, Which you can activate and according to your luck you will advance on the map between 1 to 3 spaces, each time you finish the route you will claim the Grand Prize !, it is important to know that this is the only way to get the upgrade kit for the main prize of the event.
  4. THE ROULETTE.– Here you can spend your doubloons, the prizes are diverse but EACH ROULETTE HAS A MAIN PRIZE, this can be seen easily because it has a golden circle. If the golden circle turns gray it means that another player has already claimed the main prize of that roulette, so it would be advisable to change roulette. That I explain now.
  5. SPIN.- Here you have two options, the first is simple, if you see that the available prizes are of interest to you, then you click on ‘SPIN ‘and they will randomly give you a prize.

    BUT … if you do not like the prizes or the one you liked has already been claimed then you can RENEW that roulette (refresh & spin), other prizes will appear that may be of interest to you.

  6. Player history. – Here you can see what were the last movements of your neighbors, this roulette is shared with your neighbors! It is important to see this because if you like a roulette but there are many players spinning the roulette, it is very possible that they will win you, it is better to wait for a good roulette and to be alone to try several times to claim the prize you want.


It is very possible that the prizes will be improved, that’s what we were told so this post will be updated soon!

Main Prize

Main Prize: Villa.- The prize is very interesting!, Almost perfect but there are 2 points against it; its excessive size and DOES NOT PRODUCE FORGE POINTS.

the complaints were felt and the administrators said they would evaluate a possible improvement, they will surely add forge points. even so it is a very interesting special building.

governor's villa summer event foe


The crow’s nest is the second most important prize, it will be available only at roulette!
remember that this building produces gold coins and 8 fixed forge points and a second random prize that could be: 25 diamonds, 12 forge points, 50 goods or medals.
It has a size of 5×5


If you are a battle player, these prizes may interest you more than the crow’s nest!.

Here are all the traditional awards like; wishing wells, sanctuaries of knowledge, reduction kits, renovation kits, etc.

Also available is the advanced tower kit that increases your defense for your attacking army from 2 to 4%, it can be interesting.

IMPORTANT: remember that secondary prizes and others can only be achieved by roulette!

the exclusive avatars of this event


Here is the LIST OF MISSIONS of the summer event, LUCK MY FRIEND!



Tip 1: do not update the roulette, there are more than 20 types of special prizes, the possibility that you will find the specific prize you are looking for are very low and will spend many event coins, better hope that another player updates the roulette for you. never use the option refresh and spin.

Tip 2: the option to register prizes allows you to see the prize that you will receive as soon as you spin the roulette, you can see this when you turn the roulette and see this register where you can already see the prize that will be given to you in advance, even when the roulette continues . it doesn’t matter waiting for it to stop or stopping it, you should know this in case you compete with another player to make more attempts.spin the roulette wheel and see in the history quickly if you won or did not win the prize you were looking for.

tip 3: Don’t spin the roulette when you have few event coins, often your luck will be on the 4th or 10th try. but if you only play with 2 coins you will never be able to reach that attempt where your luck is activated. I always had 15 doubloons of backing or more before playing roulette. play to win, for that you need to have many doubloons. if you spin the roulette when you only have 2 or 3 doubloons your chances of winning will drop dramatically.

if you spin the roulette when you only have 2 or 3 doubloons your chances of winning will drop dramatically

tip 4: focus all your efforts on 1 or 2 prizes, I decided on the crow’s nest, but there is also the pirate ship and other interesting options, whatever the special prize you decide to get in this event must be 1 or 2 maximum. Thus he will claim many prizes of that type.


the new great building is yet to come.
quite possibly one of your bonus is an “anti-looting”.


The administrators named it “all ages”. that same characteristic has the temple of the relics and the oracle.
possibly it is 3×3 in size.

The name is GALATA
From the second image we can intuit that the bonus is a way to avoid attacks.

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