2021 Forge Bowl Event

2021 Forge Bowl Event

We started the year 2021 with a very interesting event that indicates a new trend towards chained buildings. For small and medium players it is very helpful because it allows access to many bonuses in a single event, my city increased 160 forge points just for doing this event!. Very soon we will have a … Read more

forge of empires winter event 2020

winter event forge of empires

It is the last event of the year 2020!, It will start on December 1 until January 1. It is the longest event of the year, here I will not only describe the event but also share my experience, tips and tricks. You can also ask anything and I will answer you quickly, I am … Read more

forge of empires halloween 2020

forge of empires halloween 2020

The event that follows fall 2020 is very close! It will be available about 10 days after the fall event ends. This event is very interesting and I am sure you will like it! Let’s start with the development of the information. INTRODUCTION The Halloween 2020 event is identical to last year but instead of … Read more


The fall event is back but with better prizes !, I’m sure you will like it but before doing so don’t forget to help this project by SHARING the content with your guild and friends of the foe. This event is great!, Especially for all the creative aberrations that the players are doing with this … Read more

Summer Event 2020 Forge of Empires

summer event 2020 forge of empires

The forge of empires brings us another event!, Summer 2020, is a seasonal event and is IDENTICAL to Summer 2019 but the main prize changes. Before starting with the explanation I must say that I advance this post a lot for those who were thinking of spending their diamonds in the 2020 soccer cup event, … Read more

Soccer Event 2020 forge of empires

forge of empires events

The 2020 soccer cup arrives with INCREDIBLE prizes, this award is very generous BUT the theme is very misleading, it is simple but misleading, if you mismanage your resources you can lose the event. So lean on my mistakes. I hope they serve you! This event will start 2 weeks after the archeology event ends. … Read more